FluidStack – Rent Your PC and earn up to $50/month!

FluidSack is paying users for sharing access to PC resources. That’s not very complicated at all. You just need to install FluidStack app (Windows x64 compatible only for now, but Linux version is being tested) and leave you PC running for at least 50% of the time. FluidStack is available globally so probably you should just register and try it out now:


  • Register using your PayPal e-mail address via the provided link
  • Login to FluidStack, click “Install FluidStack” and download the installer
  • When installing enter your “Cluster Token” (you can get Cluster Token on your Fluidstack account page)
  • Once install is successful, just leave your PC on and continue using it as normal

Now you are renting your internet bandwith and some computing power. Fluidstack runs only when your computer is idle so you wouldn’t experience any struggle using your PC. The payments are made at the ending of each month. But that’s not all. You can make extra $5 for each referred active FluidStack user. Just copy and share your referral link.

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